Equipment and Bait

Good trout to 1 kg all taken fishing sandeel baits on light spinning tackle

A sea trout almost ready for the net

The sea trout can be caught using a variety of methods. Natural bait or spinners and flies imitating bait fish will all take a trout. However my experience has shown that natural baits, mainly fresh or frozen sand eels, are by far the most successful, especially for better sized fish. Mackerel strip can also be very good bait.

Spinning with small pirks of 5 – 10 gms can work reasonably well at times although be prepared for many fish to “throw” the hooks. Top quality fresh or frozen sand eel will be supplied by me for my customers. During the course of the day, depending on the time of low water, we can stock up with fresh baits.

Rods should be 2m – 2.5 m in length and light and sensitive. Small to medium sized fixed spool reels fully loaded with 6lb – 8lb mono or fine braid are perfect. Using ultra light equipment can give fabulous sport! Hooks needed are size 6-8 singles and size 14-16 trebles and these are used in a twin hook rig. Heavy rods, large reels and thick line will make casting light baits very difficult and will greatly reduce your chances of success as well as taking the sporting qualities from the fish.

I will supply rods and reels to any customer, without suitable equipment, free of charge for the day. However this is on the agreement that if you damage or lose the equipment you pay for its replacement.

Anglers are advised to bring a minimum of equipment. Huge amounts of fishing equipment are unnecessary and only take up room in the boat. You should have waders or at least wellington boots, waterproof jacket and trousers and food and drinks. Warm clothes are also needed especially early in the season or during wet and windy weather. A North wind can make the Estuary quite cold even in the middle of summer.

Tackle Shop

For angling equipment, bait, etc and friendly advice and lots of information on all aspects of fishing in this area I would thoroughly recommend the Ridge Pool Tackle Shop, Ballina [at the upper bridge and beside the cathedral beat] Proprietor: Gary Piggot Tel: 00353 96 72656